• Standalone coaching and mentoring for individuals

    Our standard individual packages consist of 8 hours’ coaching plus a 1 hour follow-up session ~3 months after completion. Contact between sessions via email/phone/SMS is included, as are just-in-time resources from our extensive library. Standard delivery is via Skype or telephone, with 1 hour sessions spread over 3-6 months. Possible package variations include face-to-face delivery, non-standard duration/frequency of sessions and additional sessions.

  • Pre- and post-training for individuals or small groups

    If you are an organisation that delivers learning and development to your staff via courses or workshops (whether in-house or through external consultants), you can engage us to work with participants individually or in small groups before or after your core program. Pre- and post-training coaching helps maximise uptake and integration by allowing participants to translate and apply the learning to their specific contexts and build collegial relationships to support long-term change.

  • Focused ‘mastermind’ programs for small groups

    Our mastermind programs are for small groups of up to 6 participants who are working towards similar objectives, such as preparing for promotion, applying for competitive funding, completing a major project, working through a self-study course etc. The standard pattern is 1 x 90-minute online group meeting plus 1 x 1 hour individual coaching session per month for 10 months. Participants can be from the same or different organisations — in the latter case, costs are spread and networking is an additional benefit.

  • ‘On tap’ coaching for your staff, students or volunteers

    This service allows you to offer members of your organisation ongoing access to individual coaching support that they can use whenever they reach a ‘sticking point’ in their work. You hire us to deliver up to an agreed number of hours of coaching over a specified period, with a cap on the number of hours to be delivered to any single person. Users of the service can then book themselves in to receive coaching via Skype or telephone at times that meet their needs.

  • Drop-in and pop-up coaching for conferences, retreats, workshops & expos

    If you require an interactive element for your conference, retreat, workshop or expo, we are able to come along and provide sessions to individual attendees. If the space is not private, we take the attendee through one of the card-sorting activities that we use in our longer engagements. If you are able to arrange a private space (which need only be large enough for two chairs), your attendees can book themselves in at appropriate times in the event schedule for a 1/2-1 hour consultation.

  • Research supervisor development and ‘floating advisor’ service

    Core competencies for professional coaching and research supervision are closely aligned and we are qualified and experienced in both types of learning facilitation. We find that research supervisors are able to improve their practice significantly (both from their perspective and their students’) when they learn to consciously apply coaching competencies. We offer customised development for your research supervisors at all levels, plus a ‘floating advisor’ service to address the needs of HDR students whose supervisors are out of contact or otherwise unavailable at a critical period in their research program.

  • Strategy and planning sessions

    Organisations and small groups occasionally greatly benefit from taking the time to revisit their high-level strategies.  This can then be followed up by detailed planning sessions to develop a plan of action.  Strategy and planning days are most successful when coordinated by an experienced facilitator.  Professional facilitation helps groups stay constructive and reach new perspectives.  We provide facilitation for strategic sessions from single afternoons to a full planning retreat.