When I came to coaching I was in a situation where I really needed to find someone external to my job and my friendship group where I could talk about what I wanted to do in my career.

The coaching experience was pretty intense at some points, but in a good way. I think it was in maybe the second session, we talked about a metaphor of doors in a room. Here I am in a kind of a room with lots of doors I could open, and how do I decide?

I didn’t like not knowing. But I was also worried about committing to something and finding it was not right. Maybe then I couldn’t change. Janet helped me stay with that uncertainty of not knowing – which is really, really hard – and take the time I needed to figure things out.

Before, I was putting my head against a wall – slap, slap all the time! But this approach of, ‘You don’t need to change direction all at once, just have a little try and see where it takes you’ – that has been super, super useful. Instead of thinking about all the things I have to get right before I can start, now I think, ‘I’m just going to try and see what comes’. I wouldn’t have done that otherwise.

With regard to my current job, it has opened my eyes to think, ‘Yes, I enjoy this. I may not want to do it forever, but for now I can be where I am and still explore.’ Because I don’t feel stuck, I can enjoy it and give my best while I am here. Actually, I now often feel quite excited about work.

Coaching is also good for helping me to keep going with my plan. I get all these ideas that I really want to follow up and it’s hard to implement when I get home after work and I am shattered. Knowing that you are going to meet with someone and have that check helps you to be motivated.

I am discovering myself right now. I am reading lots of books, trying lots of new things. Coaching with Janet has been a huge, huge part of this. Now I am really doing something to figure out what comes next, something I can be confident will work for me. I don’t yet have full certainty. But I feel it is shaping, shaping. And that is a huge improvement.