Female, PhD, social scientist AU

I’d recently finished a job at the university and I was in a transition stage, looking at a potential career change. I was exploring a few options and was feeling the need to talk with someone about career direction. I bumped into someone I knew who was in a similar situation and she very strongly recommended Janet. So I looked her up.

The cost was initially the main hesitation for me but I did find Janet’s coaching was definitely worth the price. I got a lot more clarity around what my values were and how they might align with a potential career and how other interests in my life could be part of that career, or somehow balanced on the side. Going through the process with Janet helped me have more awareness around where I was at and where I wanted to be.

I think I might have been an unconventional client for Janet in some ways. She suggested at one stage that we follow a different model. I really liked that she was able to be flexible with me and work with my more unconventional nature. I liked that she was open to trying different things with me.

Although the coaching did have a focus on my career, in the end it was really helpful in other aspects of my life. It helped me get a clearer idea who I was and what I wanted to bring more of into my life. It was really useful to have Janet there to facilitate that self-reflection, and also acting as a sounding board, which was helpful to the internal process. And then highlighting options here and there and providing resources that she thought were relevant.

The check-ups were good as well. Janet was very open to me contacting her with any questions and updating her and I really appreciated that. It was good to know that she was there.

Overall I would definitely recommend Janet’s services. I don’t have any hesitation. I just found it really a valuable process and I’m really appreciative of Janet’s work and her allowing me to be creative within the process.